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IF YOU OWN ANY TYPE OF BOAT...  You're at the right place!!!
We are HERE to help you with coverage designed for WATERCRAFT OWNERS


        Family Ski Boats          Pontoon Boats              Sail Boats             Catamran Boats            Yachts <40'

          Fishing Boats        Personal Watercrafts      Cabin Cruisers      Competition Ski Boats     Luxury Sailboats       

With the Exception of the following watercrafts:
  • No watercrafts OVER 40 feet
  • No watercrafts used for commercial or business use (recreational use only)
  • No powered watercrafts used for racing (sail boat racing is ok)
  • No air propelled watercrafts
  SEE BELOW (We have an EASY way to request a ONLINE quote!)

Looking for a Professional Agent who Specializes in Watercrafts, then you found a GREAT AGENCY to help!

  • We are family owned & operated since 1989
  • Our office is located in Granite Bay, CA
  • Over 50+ years combined insurance experience
  • We represent major (highly rated) insurance carriers
  • We are a professional & dependable agency
  • We offer very COMPETITIVE RATES 
  • Excellent claims service! 
  • Contact US and learn the difference between "what you have" and "what you need" 

To Learn More about Boat Owners Insurance Coverage and Options:   Click Here  

If you need other types of insurance coverages, HEALD INSURANCE is your one-stop-shop! 

Here are other RECREATIONAL VEHICLES We Also Provide Coverage:
Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers and Camper Units
Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles (NEV's)
Dirt Bikes, 4-wheel Quads and Dune Buggy's
Motorcycle and Trikes
Scooters and Mopeds

We provide boat owners some great coverages that you may have not even considered.  We offer many different types of watercraft policies, all priced VERY competitively!!  We are very happy to provide you a quote if you're local to California.  We just need YOU to provide us some simple information below so that we can understand your needs in advance to speaking to you.  Obviously the more complete info, the better!  This will enable us to prepare a more accurate quote (saving us both valuable time) prior to Steve personally contacting you to review it by phone. 


PLEASE provide us these SIMPLE answers below, then we can get a new quote started right away!
(Your infomation will always kept secure and confidential and only be used for this quote request.  This information will NOT be shared!)
Basic Watercraft Owners Information
Owners Full Name*
Number of Additional OWNERS (excluding you, your spouse and/or relatives)   
Is this vessel owned under corporate ownership for tax purposes?
Street Address
City/Town, State and Zip Code   
Contact Phone #*    
Best Time to Contact    
How Many YEARS of Experience do you Have OWNING A BOAT?   
Have you maintained watercraft insurance for past 12 months (with no lapse)?
Do you currently have 1 (or more) policies with Farmers, Foremost or Zurich?
Have you had ANY Marine Related Accidents or CLAIMS in the past 36 months?
If YES, Please Describe Damage and the Amount Paid on Claim (Estimate)
Who is Your Current Insurance Company?  NONE
When is the Expiration Date of Your Current Policy?     
How Did You Find Us? (or Referred By Whom...?)    
   Referral Source:
Mooring Information (Place of Storage)
Do you store this vessel at address listed above (when not used)?
If not at home, Is it kept in the water at a marina?
If not at home, Is it secured or protected in anyway?
If not at home, what it the mooring Zip Code?
Tell Us About Your Watercraft
TYPE of VESSEL (Boat)   
Watercraft Model Year:    
Watercraft Manufacturer:
Watercraft Model Name:
HULL VIN# (If Available)
Length of Vessel (from Bow to Stern)?     Feet   Inches
Power Type (Engine)?   
Number of Main Drive Engines?   
If OUTBOARD Engine: Year, Make & Model
If OUTBOARD Engine: Serial Number
Horsepower (of each engine, if more than one)?  HP
Maximum Speed (Approximately)?  MPH
Hull Material?   
Fuel Type?   
Is this vessel homemade?
Is this vessel used for racing?
Any existing Damage?
This vessel is used in which of the following waters?   
Which primary waters is the vessel most navigated?   
Select any protective devices this vessel is equipped: Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
Central Station Monitoring Alarm
High Water/Fire/Theft Alarm System
No Strike Lighting System
Purchase Date of Vessel?     
Purchase PRICE?
Any Lienholders (bank loans)?
 Please List PRIMARY Drivers ONLY (Name and DOB)
Driver Number 1:      Date of Birth   
Driver Number 2:      Date of Birth   
Driver Number 3:      Date of Birth   
Driver Number 4:      Date of Birth   
Please indicate and Completed Boat Safety/Navigation Course(s) taken by owner(s) or Owner Operator? Coast Guard Auxiliary
Captain's License
Marine Pilot's License 
Merchant Marine License
Coast Guard Course 
Chapman Boating School
Power Squadron Course
State/Fed Accredited Maritime Academy
Commercial Aviation License
COVERAGE AND LIMITS of Watercraft:   
Personal Liability Coverage Limits 
(Bodily Injury and Property Damage - Combined Single Limit)
Medical Payments    
Uninsured Watercraft Coverage (for B/I passenger damages in your vessel)   
Watercraft's Insurance Coverage (HULL VALUE - Includes Inboard Engine)
Outboard Engine Coverage (ENGINE VALUE)
Claims Settlement Valuation Method (Agreed value is better)   
Trailer Coverage (TRAILER VALUE)
Trolling Motor Value (if applicable)
Personal Property Coverage (if desired)    
Personal Property Replacement Cost (optional)
Towing and Assistance Coverage (optional)    
Policy Deductible     Per Claim
Other Personal Lines Policies You may be Interested? Personal Auto
Primary Homeowners
Non-Owner Occupied Homeowners
Renters Insurance
Life Insurance
Recreational Vehicles (Boats, RV's, etc.)
Any Additional Comments and/or Requests:
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