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We are HERE to help you with WORK COMP coverage designed for ARTISAN CONTRACTORS


    Electricial                   Plumbing                  Tile & Granite               Painting                 Hardwood & Carpet

         HVAC                     Landscaping                    Masonry                      Stucco                       Concrete      

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Looking for a Professional Agent who Specializes in Artisan Constactors, then you found a GREAT AGENCY to help!

  • We are family owned & operated since 1989
  • Our office is located in Granite Bay, CA
  • Over 50+ years combined insurance experience
  • We represent major (highly rated) insurance carriers
  • We are a professional & dependable agency
  • We offer very COMPETITIVE RATES 
  • Excellent claims service! 
  • Contact US and learn the difference between "what you have" and "what you need" 

If you need other types of contractors insurance coverages, HEALD INSURANCE is your one-stop-shop! 


Here are OTHER Insurance Coverage's We Offer:
Contractors Tools and Heavy Equipment (Inland Marine)
Course of Construction - Residential or Commercial
We provide artisan contractors who specialize in a specific construction trade very competitively priced General Liability coverage!  We are very happy to provide you a quote if you're based here in California.  We just need YOU to provide us some simple information below so that we can understand your business needs in advance to speaking to you.  Obviously the more complete info, the better!  This will enable us to prepare a more accurate preliminary quote (saving us both valuable time) prior to Steve personally contacting you to review it by phone. 


PLEASE provide us these SIMPLE answers below, then we can get a new quote started right away!
(Your infomation will always kept secure and confidential and only be used for this quote request.  This information will NOT be shared!)
Basic Business Information
Business Owners Name*
Additional Owners/Partners Name
Entity Type     
Your DBA
Business Address (Physical Address - NOT a P.O. Box)
City/Town, State and Zip Code   
Business FEIN# (Federal Employer ID No.) NONE
Contractors License Number* NONE
Preferred Contact Phone #*     
Best Time to Contact     
Email Address*
Business Website Address  
Current W/C Insurance Status     
Who is Your Current Insurance Company? NONE
Does Your Current WORK COMP Company Also Process Your PAYROLL?
When is the Expiration Date of Your Current Policy?       
Do you Have Any Current "Loss Runs"? (5 years is Best)
Do You If You have An Experience Rating Modification?
If so, Do you happen to Know Your "Experience Mod Factor"?  (x-Mod?)  %
More Specific to Your Business Practice
Which Trade TYPE of Construction Do You Specialize Most?*    
How Many YEARS Have You OWNED THIS Business?   
How Many YEARS EXPERIENCE in the Construction Trades?   
Structure Type: Residential or Commercial Construction?    
New Construction Vs. Re-Model Work (Including Structual Additions)?    
What Percentage of Your Reciepts is from SERVICE/REPAIR Type Work?    
Do You Perform Work on any NEW TRACK Developements or Subdivisions?
Do You Perform Work on any NEW Apartments, Condominiums or Townhouses?
Do You Perform Work on Buildings Over 5 Stories?
Do You Perform Work on Highways, Bridges, Public Roads?
Do you Perform Work on Traffic Signals or Controls?
Do You Perform any Industrial Work?
In Past 2 Years have You Built a Structure as a General Contractor, Developer, Construction Manager or do you plan to do so?
Do You Do Work Covered Under A "WRAP" (more then 15% of planned jobs)?
Any Bankruptcies or Tax or Credit Liens Within the Past 5 Years?
 Owner and Employee Information 
Number of Corporate Officers? (If you're a Corporation)    
Active Owners and/or Partners? (If you're a Sole-Proprietor or Partnership)   
Number of FULL-TIME Employees?  (30+ hours per week)    
Number of PART-TIME Employees? (<30 hours per week)    
Do you ever LEASE EMPLOYEES or use TEMP AGENCY Employees?
Do you ever do EMPLOYEE EXCHANGES with other Contractors?
  Use This Section For Classification Rating  
Classification Trade Type #1:  
Work Comp Class Code:       
Estimated Payroll:  (12 Months)
Classification Trade Type #2:  
Work Comp Class Code:       
Estimated Payroll:  (12 Months)
Classification Trade Type #3:  
Work Comp Class Code:       
Estimated Payroll:  (12 Months)
Classification Trade Type #4:  
Work Comp Class Code:       
Estimated Payroll:  (12 Months)
QUOTE REQUEST: Select Your Desired Coverage:   
Workers Compensations Liability Limits
(Per Injury, Per Illness, Per Death)
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Recreational Vehicles (Boats, RV's, etc)
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