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Help Extended Replacement Cost on Dwelling

Extended Replacement Cost coverage on your dwelling:

With this coverage and subject to its provisions, we pay to repair or replace a loss covered under Coverage A up to an additional 25% of the Coverage A amount. If the policy quoted does not have this coverage, or if a higher coverage limit is available, you may consider adding or increasing this coverage for an additional premium. This coverage may provide an additional layer of protection as the policy quoted does not provide Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage.

Building Ordinance or Law coverage:

Many policies have limited Building Ordinance or Law coverage to pay for additional costs that result from having to rebuild in compliance with updated building codes.  

With our Ordinance or Law coverage we will pay the actual, reasonable and necessary cost, up to 10% of the Amount of lnsurance shown on the Declarations Page for Coverage A - Dwelling, for the increased costs caused by the enforcement of any governmental requirement regulating the construction; remodeling; renovation; repair; or demolition of that part of the dwelling damaged by an Insured Peril.

We will not pay:
1. The costs to comply with any ordinance or law which requires any of you or others to test for, monitor, clean up, remove, contain, treat, detoxify or neutralize pollutants;
2. For the loss in value to the dwelling due to the requirements of any ordinance or law; or 
3. The cost to repair, replace, rebuild, stabilize or otherwise restore land.

If this additional coverage is included it does not change the Amount of lnsurance that applies to Coverage A - Dwelling, shown on the Declarations Page.
No extra deductible will apply.