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Help Loss of Rents

Loss Of Rents - - Coverage D

If an insured loss occurs at the dwelling described on the Declarations Page, we will pay for your loss of normal rents resulting from that insured loss while the dwelling is not fit to live in or use, less charges and expenses that do not continue during that time.

We will pay loss of normal rents only for the shortest time needed to make the dwelling habitable. This coverage will pay loss of normal rents at a monthly rate of one-twelfth of the Amount of Insurance shown on the Declarations Page for Coverage D. The total amount we will pay will not exceed the Amount of Insurance described on the Declarations Page for Coverage D.

If damage caused by an Insured Peril occurs at a neighboring premises, we will pay any resulting loss of normal rents for up to two weeks if civil authorities prohibit occupancy of your dwelling.

We will not pay expenses due to cancellation of any lease or written or oral agreement.

The periods of time are not limited by the expiration of this policy.

No extra deductible will apply to this coverage.