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Help Personal Property

Personal Property - - Coverage C

We insure:

1. Furnishings and appliances;
2. Machinery, tools, and equipment; and
3. Leased personal property for which you have a contractual liability for loss.

But we insure this property only if it is:

1. Necessary for the residential occupancy of the dwelling described on the Declarations Page;
2. In or on the dwelling described on the Declarations Page;
3. In the open within 100 feet of the dwelling described on the Declarations Page; or
4. In or on any other structures described on the Declarations Page.

We do not insure:

1. Aircraft and any aircraft parts, equipment and accessories including engines and motors;
2. Watercraft and any watercraft parts, equipment and accessories, including trailers, engines and motors; 
3. Motor vehicles, recreational land motor vehicles, golf carts, all other motorized land conveyances and any vehicle or conveyance parts, equipment and accessories.
We do insure vehicles or conveyances, other than golf carts and recreational vehicles or conveyances, that are not subject to motor vehicle registration and that are used solely for maintenance of your premises.
4. Property separately described and specifically insured in this or any other insurance policy;
5. Camper bodies or trailers;
6. Property held as a sample or for sale or delivery after sale; or 
7. Loss, including damage or remediation costs, caused by or resulting from the presence of mold, mildew, or other fungi, their secretions, and dry and wet rot of any kind regardless of the cause, condition or loss that led to their formation or growth.