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...NOT TO WORRY!!  You're at the right place!!! smiley
We are HERE to help you with coverage specifically designed for VACATION RENTALS

Tahoe Vacation Rental          
       Maybe it's South Lake Tahoe?                       Maybe it's along the Pacific Coast?               Maybe it's enjoying the Wine County?


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Looking for a Professional Agent who Specializes in Short-Term Vacation Rentals, then you found the BEST AGENCY to help!

  • We are family owned & operated since 1989
  • Our office is located in Granite Bay, CA
  • Over 50+ years combined insurance experience
  • We represent major (highly rated) insurance carriers
  • We are a professional & dependable agency
  • We offer very COMPETITIVE RATES 
  • Excellent claims service! 
  • Contact US and learn the difference between "what you have" and "what you need" 

**Having problems with homes located in MOUNTAIN AREAS due to a High FIRELINE Score?**      
(Just another good reason to contact us...)

If you OWN a investment property used primarily as a "Vacation Rental", it'sVERY IMPORTANTthat you insure it as such! 

  We are the

Our Other Property Product Types Avaliable:

We provide the best property insurance policy for any investor who owns a SHORT-TERM VACATION RENTAL in Lake Tahoe.  We are very happy to provide you a comprehensive insurance proposal, if you provide US some simple information below that we need to prepare the quote.  We prefer to obtain as much property information as possible.  This will enable us to get a preliminary quote pretty close (saving valuable time) prior to Steve Heald personally contacting you to review it by phone.  The more info you can provide to us below, the more accurate your proposal.

If you could PLEASE provide us some SIMPLE INFORMATION below, then we will get a new quote started right away!
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