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Value Term Life Quote

Value Term Life Quote

This is a quick quote life premium indicator, however this is not guaranteed the final rate at issue.  All submissions are subject to paramed exam and final underwriting review before approval. Premium is subject to change with notice and would require your pre-approval.

Answer the following basic questions below to obtain a "PRICE INDICATION" of the monthly premium:

 General Life Rating Factors 
Your Current Age     
Nicotine Use (and History)    
Recreational Cigar Use    
Current Weight    
Any Recreational/Private Avation Activity (Small Private Aircrafts)    
Any Hazardous Sports or Actitives
(Professional or Amateur Level)
Scuba Diving
Sky Diving
Rock Climbing
Hang Gliding
Drag Racing
Cholesterol Level    
Curently taking any Cholestrol Medication?   
Cholesterol HDL Levels    
Blood Pressure    
Currently taking any Blood Pressure Medication?   
 Motor Vehicle Driving Record - DMV 
Tickets (Moving Violations)      Last 3 years
Accidents (Regardless of Fault)      Last 3 Years
Major Violations (DUI's, Reckless Driving, Driving on Suspended License, etc)      Last 5 Years
 Your Personal Health History 
Any Personal History of Coronary Artert Disease?
Any Personal History of Cancer?   
Any Personal History of Diabities?   
Any Personal Impairments?    
 Immediate Family History 
Your Mother    
Your Father    
Your Sibilings (one or more)    
 Select Amount of Coverage 
Death Benefit    
Waiver of Premium     
* = Required Field

Based on the Information Input Above
Below is the following Price Indication:

(All final pricing is subject to underwriting approval)

Coverage Amount Selected:   $x,xxx,xxx

Option #1:   10 Year premium:  $xx.xx  per month
Option #2:   20 Year Premium:  $xx.xx  per month
Option #3:   30 Year Premium:  $xx.xx  per month

After the policy is ISSUED:  All 3 options are GUARANTEED Level Premium and Level Coverage for the life of the term